Monday, January 18, 2010

Hard resetting the Imate 8502

Well, ive had a huge trouble with finding out how to hard reset the imate, a main reason being the fact that they have almost shutdown the production of imates, and people are no more interested in knowing the 'fate' of the imate users.

Finally ive found a way in which this hard resetting can be done. It did work for me. But im not sure if its gonna work for all you guys (the fact that i bought this mobile just today), but its worth a try.

The steps may be too basic for many people, but it would be really handy for newbies like me :)

Here is how it goes..

  • First of all, switch off the device
  • Remove the memory card
  • On the bottom most left of your mobile, you can see a blue 'Fn' button... Click that and hold
  • Now press the green call button on the topmost left of the mobile and hold it, while holding the function ('Fn') button
  • Give it a few seconds.
  • Now click on to the power button and hold it until the boot screen appears. As soon as you see the screen leave all the pressed buttons at once.
  • Click yes..... Reset done!
Hope this helps....

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